HECS helps In planning out a design for a building, whether it is a home, office, restaurant or other building design, industrial plant drawings etc, 2D drafting and drawing plays an essential factor in the success of that design plan coming to fruition. There are already too many things to worry about when designing a building, but 2D drafting isn’t really something you can skip over because it is the very base of the process.

   2D Drafting Services We Offer :-

     ►Conversion of paper prints into digital formats.
     ►Format migration across different CAD platforms.
     ►Conversion of your entire legacy database to useful engineering information by making use of the latest technology.
     ►Conversion of all paper based legacy source data including manual sketches, study drawings, as-built drawings into intelligent P&IDs.
     ►Conversion of PDF/TIFF formats to *.dwg format.

   Tools :- Auto CAD, Microstation