HECS understands the importance of As-Built documents to the Plant Engineering industry. If construction drawings are the only source of documentation, minute changes or deviations from construction documents can go unnoticed or are misinterpreted. This could prove very costly for further changes or upgrades made to the plants and so this requires a highly meticulous approach to get this right.

   Whether you manage an existing plant facility or are building a new one, HECS’s As-Built documentation expertise provide as-builts with a higher level of accuracy at a highly economical cost, allowing you to get a measure of clarity in planning your further construction better. HECS can provide as-built documents either to get a project started or at the end, based on the preference of the clients and the stage of the project.

   Our Quality Engineering in “As-built Documentation” provides the ability to review and upgrade facilities without physically visiting the location.

   The benefits from as-built documents lie in :-

     ► Capturing construction deviations from construction documents.
     ► Important Resource for future maintenance and planning.
     ► Provides a snapshot of existing design.
     ► Verify and confirm existing assets, or assets acquired through mergers & acquisitions.