We offer the complete variety of detailed engineering activities. For projects where we conduct front-end work, we can integrate the activities at an early stage to provide schedule and cost benefits to our clients. Moreover, this provides our clients with a single-stop solution for all design and engineering needs. Our services for the various disciplines include.

   With process engineering as one of our core strengths, we offer the following services :-

     ► Review FEED Package developed by third party / client for consistency
     ► Develop / Review hydraulic calculations including pump heads w.r.t. to final equipment layout and nozzle orientation Develop / Review pressure safety valve calculations w.r.t. to final equipment layout and relieving scenarios
     ► Obtain / Review package equipment quotations from vendors for process suitability
     ► Develop utility requirements w.r.t to vendor data for process suitability and update the utility sizing appropriately

   We utilize industry standard methods and procedures to offer the following services :-

     ► Establish design basis
     ► Develop mechanical design for fabricated equipment
     ► Develop engineering data sheet for fabricated equipments
     ► Prepare engineering datasheets for package units
     ► Prepare standard specifications for fabricated equipment and vendor designed equipment
     ► Prepare fabrication drawings / review the ones prepared by vendors

   We offer the following piping engineering services :-

     ► Establish piping design basis
     ► Develop Piping and Pipe Support standards
     ► Prepare piping and valve material specifications
     ► Develop plot plan
     ► Develop equipment layout plan and elevation drawings
     ► Develop foundation layout plans
     ► Prepare equipment nozzle orientations
     ► Develop 1st MTO for piping, valves, fittings
     ► Develop piping layout plans / sections
     ► Prepare isometrics
     ► Carry out stress analysis
     ► Prepare isometrics for tie-in points
     ► Prepare pipe support details
     ► Prepare specifications and MTO for insulation and painting
     ► Develop final MTO for piping, valves, fittings, and other piping items

   We offer the following instrumentation engineering services :-

     ► Establish instrumentation design basis
     ► Develop Instrumentation Index
     ► Prepare standard specification for valves, pressure instruments, temperature instruments, level instruments and PLC system
     ► Prepare engineering datasheets for field instruments including control valves, relief valves, temperature instruments, pressure instruments, flow instrument, level instruments etc.
     ► Develop specifications for control system including system architecture and remote data acquisition system.
     ► Prepare control room layout
     ► Develop cable and Junction Box schedule
     ► Prepare instrument hook up diagrams
     ► Prepare loop wiring diagrams
     ► Prepare specification and layout for gas detection system
     ► Prepare instrument installation standards
     ► Estimate bill of materials for bulk items

   We offer the following electrical engineering services :-

     ► Establish electrical design basis
     ► Prepare load list
     ► Prepare single line diagram
     ► Carry out conceptual design for power source, equipment location and power distribution.
     ► Develop hazardous area classification drawings
     ► Develop specifications for power generation, PCC, MCC.
     ► Develop standard specifications for power generation, PCC and MCC and other distribution boards.
     ► Prepare Specifications for other electrical items like Control Stations, Lighting Fixtures, earthing Material, UPS, Cables & Cable Trays
     ► Carry out cable sizing calculations and develop cable schedule
     ► Prepare MCC room layout
     ► Develop design & drawings for earthing & lightning protection
     ► Develop lighting layout
     ► Develop cable tray layout
     ► Estimate bill of materials for bulk items

   We offer the following civil / structural design and engineering services :-

     ► Establish civil design basis
     ► Review contour survey drawing and prepare site grading plan including earthworks and site preparation
     ► Develop general arrangements drawings for buildings and sheds
     ► Carry out foundation design and prepare foundation drawings for equipment, building, under ground tanks and shed
     ► Carry out structural design and prepare structural arrangement drawings for shed and platforms
     ► Carry out foundation and structural design for pipe rack/sleeper and pipe supports
     ► Develop layout drawings for roads, drainage and paving
     ► Prepare Bill of Material

   We offer the following services for fire fighting system engineering :-

     ► Prepare specification and layout for fire detection and alarm system
     ► Carry out hydraulic calculations and prepare P&ID for fire water network
     ► Prepare layout for fire water network
     ► Prepare Bill of Materia

   Our services include the following services for project engineering :-

     ► Prepare master document index
     ► Prepare Activity Schedule
     ► Monitor project progress and submit progress report