The final stage of Detail Engineering is concluded by the Electrical and Instrumentation Disciplines which come into picture after finalizing the location of major items like substations, field auxiliary room, main control room etc. Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering are key players in estimating the Project Cost & Efforts before customers takes investment decision. The input for Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering comes from piping engineering group on plot plan, equipment location, control valve location etc. Electrical and Instrumentation disciplines work hand in hand together to perform the engineering.

   HECS through its trusted associates is capable of providing the below Detail Engineering Services for the Electrical discipline :-

     ► Cable Sizing
     ► Cable Tray Layouts
     ► Load Calculation
     ► Single Line Diagram
     ► Generation & Updating of Single Line Diagram (SLD)
     ► Preparation of Layout (Earthling/Lighting)
     ► Power and Control Cable Design & Layout
     ► SCADA I/O List
     ► Interface Activities with Civil / Machinery / Instrumentation
     ► Coordination with Civil for Floor Openings, Electrical Equipment Foundation,and Plants
     ► Electrical Data Input for Packaged Equipment

   HECS through its trusted associates is capable of providing the below Detail Engineering Services for the Instrumentation discipline :-

     ► PLC/DCS (System Engineering)
     ► Instrument Data Sheet & Index
     ► Preparation of Cause & Effect Diagrams
     ► Defining Field Instrument & Control Panel Specification
     ► Loop Drawings
     ► Instrument & Electrical Interconnection Drawing
     ► JB & Cable Schedule
     ► Logic Interlocks Drawing
     ► Instruments Cable Tray Layout
     ► Instrument Location Plan
     ► Bill of Materials
     ► Level Sketch Diagram